Have you watched London Fashion Week since 2007?
  BORA AKSU invites you to enjoy our best fashion shows over the years Explore the changes and eternity of fashion trends

Mr. Bora Aksu uses a concise tailoring in this season

Exquisite and intricate decoration, babydoll silhouette with rock and roll style leggings

While the ready-to-wear collection is glowing and shining, it also enhances the durability for various occasions

From colors to fabrics and details, are full of femininity

Show feminine characteristics while injecting toughness elements

Unique way to show the other side of feminine charm

Applied the retro elements in this season Incorporated into the vest and belt like a medieval knight Focuses on the use of high-tech creativity and innovative fabrics

Boldly blend different nature of fabrics Personalized pursuit of the texture of clothing

Airy yarn and light visual hollowing are applied in this season Smooth and clean tailoring

Unconstrained wavy cut lines Perfect balance of gentle and courageous

Designer uses glossy fabric in rich texture Created a glamorous and sexy BORA girl Also used sweet pink and lace embroidery elements People can feel sweetness and coolness at the same time

This season mainly uses beige and gray tones Subtly escape from the exaggerated style

This season uses dark and quiet colors supplemented by bright colors

Embellished with metal and laser elements


Neatly cut and design Full of retro vibe and romanticism to colors

It has returned to the classic mainstream aesthetics in this season
Create a long-lasting image
From the 60s and 70s century to modern, to tailor made personalised style

Soft misty pink, pearl color and passion orange

Supplemented by exquisite embroidery and delicate texture

Chiffon stitching with layered silhouettes

Swaying on the runway Feel the retro romance together

In Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Week, selected lively and bold colors in the ready-to-wear collection with decorative elements

Spreading the freedom messages Showing the elegant and refined temperament of BORA girls

Full of girlish innocence Exquisite crochet pattern and tassel decoration
Aroused everyone's fascination with craftsmanship Elegant, luxurious and romantic style Presents a refined and modern beauty

Inspiration for this season's BORA AKSU A journey to find roots from memory
Bring back the romantic thoughts And settle down with them in Aegean Sea

Every costumes are the masterpiece that condenses the essence of inspiration

Rich layering with elegant patterns and exquisite lace details Fully show the luxury beauty in the British style

Presenting a different girly world for everyone Ethereal inspiration and printing With organza and lace It's as beautiful as placing us in a fairyland Shrouded in the dream during the runway show"

A collection based on pure and natural girly style

Not an ordinary theme as usual Not stained with bright colors and over craving

Grasp the wrinkles with soft chiffon, stitch them with lace Pursuing simplicity over complex with ingenious design

SS17 has a richer and fuller layer than previous collection

Exaggerated and dramatic silhouette Pretty and fresh floral elements These are the finishing touches in this season

Every outline is beautiful and romantic BORA AKSU besides the wardrobe of little fairy

Looks soft with tough heart Generous and chic

The beauty of women should be diverse and unified Tough and handsome, softness and sweetness

A personal declaration of independence freed from secular shackles
A visual feast that resonates with warm rationality and romance Engraving the free soul

It likes a sea of fluttering tulle Eye-catchy bold and bright colors A symphony of vitality and color collision

Agile temperament is mixed into the design

The girls are elegant and romantic Lively and natural

Defined by myself, can always attract people's admiration unintentionally

This season's design and color matching are inspired by Hilma af Klint

Mr. BORA pays tribute to Hilma Designed an unique embroidery pattern And used stripes and silhouettes with soft prints Perfectly demonstrates the balance between work, life and personality